Masalah Menerpa Vietnam sebelum Bersaing dengan Timnas U-23 Indonesia

By Aidina Fitra - Senin, 4 Maret 2019 | 23:55 WIB
Pelatih fisik Timnas U-23 Vietnam Willander Fonseca
Bao Thanh Nien
Pelatih fisik Timnas U-23 Vietnam Willander Fonseca

SUPERBALL.ID - Pelatih fisik Timnas U-23 Vietnam Willander Fonseca menyatakan mundur setelah berselisih dengan federasi, VFF.

Perselisihan ini muncul setelah Willander meminta izin pada VFF untuk mengikuti kursus kepelatihan A AFC di Kamboja.

Willander beralasan kursus itu tidak akan mengganggu persiapatan Timnas U-23 Vietnam.

Sebab kursus diadakan sebelum jadwal persiapan Timnas U-23 Vietnam untuk kualifikasi Piala Asia U-23 2020.

Permintaan Willander ternyata tidak diindahkan oleh VFF.

Federasi sepak bola Vietnam itu menolak permintaan pelatih asal Brasil itu karena dianggap akan menghambat persiapatan tim untuk kualifikasi.

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It’s not easy to say “Good bye”... but my football experience has teach me there’s no farewell for football mates ... “See you soon” is the appropriate sentence, because we will always have a chance to face again in another round. By the way, I couldn’t start my journey back to my home without says thank you for all Vietnamese people who support me since before my arrival in Vietnam. Even if I didn’t stayed here too long, I got your amazing atmosphere and learned about Vietnamese spirit. I can’t write down names because I don’t want be unfair in case of forget someone, but I need to say Thank you for DJ, Vietnam Football Federation, Coaches and all staff Coach, Players (some of them became a close friends), supporters and fans of National Team, and also the journalists who gave me since beginning kindly compliments and for the respectful relationship we got during this term. Many things was spoken, but the true is I’m going to complete my coaching education, “A license” issued by AFC and it is important to my future. After that, from April, let’s see what’s comes next. The most important point is I felt myself very happy during the time I spent here. Now it’s time to move on, looking forward for meet you all again on future. To Vietnamese people in general, Thanks for your understanding and kindness, you made me feel warm and comfortable at your country. With love, Willander Fonseca. #Vietnam #Football #SeeYou

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Willander sudah bersama Timnas U-23 Vietnam sejak 2018.

Bahkan dia ikut berkontribusi untuk gelar Vietnam pada Piala AFF musim 2018.

Willander ditunjuk VFF untuk menggantikan pelatih asal Korea Selatan Bee Ji-Won.

Sebelum Willander, Asisiten bahasa Timnas U-23 Vietnam Phan Duy Tuan juga sudah keluar dari tim setelah Piala AFC 2019.

Phan Duy keluar dengan alasan mengajar di universitas.

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